Genre: Pop
BPM: 122
Released: January 2018
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White Dress



Alan Abernethy ("ARA9")


Dubai Dubai United Arab Emirates


Andreas Thiele ("kman")


Harburg Hamburg Germany


Sound Recording


Alan Abernethy ("ARA9")

Guitars, Keyboards, Drum programming, Vocal

Dubai Dubai United Arab Emirates


Andreas Thiele ("kman")

Bass, Mixing

Harburg Hamburg Germany



She wears a white dress when she goes shopping


'cause it makes her feel alive


She wears a white dress down at the supermarket


It makes her look like a bride


She wears a white dress waiting for someone to call her


The line is always dead


Without the white dress on, she is nothing... in her head.




Verse 2


She puts her high heels on at the local cafe


And orders her flat white


The sequins adorning her empire line


Sparkling as they catch the sunlight


But any contact she makes, makes her heart ache


And her cheeks they blush with shame


Cos without her white dress on she's nothing... and she's to blame...






Sadly, lonely she cries herself to sleep


Wondering Why she counts boyfriends instead of sheep


Waiting, weeping lost inside her mind


Why did he leave her so tragically...




Verse 3


She gets up every morning at quarter to six


She showers then does her hair


She takes her time with her perfume and nails,


Then recites a prayer


She asks for confidence and a way with words


That deserted her so long ago


But the only way she can see it through


Is in her white dress she puts on for show.




Other bit


Every moment since that day


She's blamed herself for driving him away


But the blushing bride she wants to be


So desperately is here to stay....


Collaborating From

Dubai Dubai United Arab Emirates
Harburg Hamburg Germany