Genre: Folk/Rock
BPM: 120
Released: April 2016
URL: /

A Storm Is Coming Acoustic Celtic Fusion Pop-Folk Progressive Soundscape Spoken

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A storm is coming

Sound Recording


Raktim Singha Roy ("roktimsroy")

Acoustic Guitar, Woodwind Flute, Keyboard Piano, Engineering Mixing

Malda West Bengal India



Acoustic Drums

Miami FL USA


Rob Glass ("RGBass")

Electric Bass

Vancouver BC Canada


Joel Sattler ("joel_sattlersongs")


Chevy Chase Maryland USA


Nicola Offidani ("NicolaOffidani")

Acoustic Guitar (Lead)

Massignano AP Italy


Ben Owen ("ben0")

Strings Violin

San Antonio Texas USA


Sela Performs ("selaperforms")

Lead Vocal, Chorus, Spoken

Melbourne Victoria Australia


Artist's Notes

The song was originally intended to have a Celtic sound. But Thanks to Kompoz and all the excellent collaborators that one can find here, it has become more. The song now has its own sound with a catchy melody line and lyrics.


Hope you enjoy it.


Thanks & cheers.



by Joel Sattler

A storm is coming

A helluva storm

Let me be thunder

Let me be born

Let me be lightning

High in the sky

And go to the place

Where I'll never die


I saw the Valkyries

Ahead of the wind

On the way to Valhalla

There was ice on my skin

The blood of my ancestors

All gone before

When the gods and the angels

All went to war


A storm is coming

A helluva storm

Sing me a song of our history

That lasts all day long

Of our memory

Of heroes and villains

And queens in distress

Of battle and fire

Come out of the West

So many nights

Have I wandered alone

Through dreams and

Through nightmares

Among sacred stones

The visions of ghosts

Banshees with out form

That bring the release

Of the soul to transform


A storm is coming

A helluva storm

Now I have done

You know in my heart

That the red blood does run

And things fall apart

Run up to the mountains

Fall up to the night

And then disappear

In the moon and the light


A storm is coming

A helluva storm



I am just a traveler

On an infinite long highway

Looking up to read the message

Written in the skyway

When the zephyr comes down

From the mountain

In a rush of thunder

And I see the valkyries

Go riding and I'm filled with wonder

I'll stand in the rain

And though I am afraid

I'll raise my fist up to heavens

Laughing as the gale is lashing

The clouds will swarm around me

The flood will burst apart

The dam that's building up inside me

With the thunder crashing

And the lightning flashing

I shall not give in to fate

And I shall not give in to hate

I am here a man who will not

Give my soul to Satan

Even if I have to stand in hell

Of my own making

I shall defy the demons

And the lies that are repeated

I shall never be defeated

I shall never be defeated

And when at last the storm is over

And the front has passed behind me

And the sun begins to rise

And the morning tries to blind me

I'll remember this rebirth

Why I'm put upon the earth

And I will learn what I am not

If God has not forgot

ThenI shall be complete

I will have tamed the beast

And at last I can be

A simple soul at peace

Collaborating From

Chevy Chase Maryland USA
Malda West Bengal India
Massignano AP Italy
Melbourne Victoria Australia
Miami FL USA
San Antonio Texas USA
Vancouver BC Canada