Genre: Reggae
BPM: 120
Released: April 2016
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Caribbean cigar box guitar ukulele

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Rhonda Rae

Sound Recording


Brent Godfrey ("whenthemusicsover")

Vocals, Cigar Box Baritone Ukulele, Keyboards, Words and Music

Gowen MI USA



Drums and Percussion

Miami FL USA


Dan G ("DantheMan")


Austin Texas USA


Derek Barlas ("bagpipe")

Nylon Guitar

Kanata Ontario Canada


Raktim Singha Roy ("roktimsroy")


Malda West Bengal India


Artist's Notes

Wrote this in the 80's with a friend of mine I worked with in Owosso, Craig Simpson.

It started off as one of his poems. He had seen a grave of a baby in the cemetery that died at birth and wrote about it.

I added music to the poem and changed some of the words around to fit the structure of a song.


Rhonda Rae

by Brent L. Godfrey and Craig Simpson 1986

It was 1959, April third to be exact

When your mama gave birth to you on a night so very black

Not a single breath you drew on your only birthday

So now under a silent tombstone is where you now lay

Rhonda Rae, Rhonda Rae

What would you say if you were alive today

Would you sit right down and cry

Would you let the world just pass you by

Would you even give it a try

Oh, Rhonda Rae

Who knows what might have been

What you would have made of your life

Maybe worked in a factory or been a farmer?s wife

It?s hard not to shed a tear

for a life never lived

What we take for granted everyday is a gift to hold dear

Can you hear the cold raindrops

Do you feel the morning dew

Do you long for the family that you never knew

I know they still love you

Yes, I know they think of you

For there are fresh flowers on your grave

Under a summer sky of blue

Collaborating From

Austin Texas USA
Gowen MI USA
Kanata Ontario Canada
Malda West Bengal India
Miami FL USA