Genre: Folk
BPM: 130
Released: September 2015
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THE ROBBER BRIDEGROOM song lyrics by Joel Sattler

Sound Recording


Joel Sattler ("joel_sattlersongs")

Lyrics and adaptation

Chevy Chase Maryland USA


James Fraser ("offthewall")

Composition, guitars, bass, bodhran, tambourine, vocals, production.

South Shields near Newcastle Tyneside United Kingdom


Artist's Notes

A wonderful Joel Sattler adaptation of a tale by Brothers Grimm.


by Joel Sattler 

once there was a miller 
who had a daughter fair 
with silver bells ringing her voice 
and moonbeams in her hair 

he promised her to one he thought 
was kind and well to do 
but the man was in disguise 
the father never knew 

the suitor told his bride to be 
to meet him if she could 
to follow long a trail of ashes 
deep into the wood 

and there she saw within a house 
a caged up mockingbird 
who filled her mind with fear and doubts 
and this is what she heard: 

"Turn back, turn back, thou bonnie bride, 
nor in this house of death abide 
cause if you hold your life so dear 
there is nothing for you here" 

the old cook in the cellar 
to protect her hid her fast 
in the kitchen corner 
in a wooden iron cask 

the robber bridegroom came at last 
a lady they had caught 
and butchered her upon the table 
and of her jewels they fought 

a finger with a single ring 
fell where the maid did hide 
she reached out with a trembling hand 
and pulled it deep inside 

the old cook drugged their wine 
and the two women ran away 
and kept the story secret till 
the maiden's wedding day 

the robber bridegroom and his band 
all showed up for the feast 
for a surprise that they did not 
expect it in the least 

before the vows were taken 
all the village gathered bold 
to listen to a story 
that the miller's daughter told 

she said that in a dream 
a group of outlaws ate the dead 
that they had captured in the forest 
the crowd was full of dread 

and then the bride she pointed 
to the groom and said "It's you! 
and all your men are evil! 
Every word I've said is true !" 

and then the villagers descended 
and their fate decided 
and this is how the robber bridegroom 
and his outlaws died 

four and twenty men were hanged 
upon the hanging tree 
and all who's left to tell the story 
are only thee and me 

Collaborating From

Chevy Chase Maryland USA
South Shields near Newcastle Tyneside United Kingdom