Genre: Rock
BPM: 114
Released: July 2015
URL: /

Heavy Mirror Shrink Overdrive Positive Wah Pedal

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One More Time

Sound Recording


Anna Vashneva ("TheCheater")

Guitars, Electric Bass, Original Composition

Moscow Russia


Jamie Conklin ("Moosemind1")

Engineering-Mixing, Engineering-Mastering

Lisbon Falls Maine USA


Harald Kay ("JackRelaxx")


Hannover Germany


Michael Wilferd ("mwilferd1")

Vocals, Original Lyriics

Los Angeles California USA


Artist's Notes

The highly energetic hard rock song that has been worked on very hard, the first one to be published under a virtual band name "Mirror Shrink" 


One More Time  

Lyrics by: Michael Brent Wilferd  


Just one more pill

Won?t stop until I get my thrill

Just one more drink

I?ll be sleeping it off in the tank

Just one more girl

To take me all around the world

Just one more day

Pick up my guitar and play  


Heart like stone

Looks like I?ll have to make it on my own

Eye?s like fire

Watching the flames growing higher

Look this way

As I fall down on my knees to pray

See you smile

Knowing in a little while


One more time!  

Just one more time!

And you?ll be mine

Till the end of time 


I can feel it in my soul

One more time

You?re going to love me

One more time

I know that I can make you mine

One more time

Driving me out of my mind

One more time


You?re more than a feeling

Not something fate is dealing

It?s my heart you?re stealing

One more time

If your eyes could see

I?m bending on my knees

Begging pretty please

One more time

One more time 

Collaborating From

Hannover Germany
Lisbon Falls Maine USA
Los Angeles California USA
Moscow Russia