Genre: Metal
Released: July 2015
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Terribly Attractive

Sound Recording


chad everest ("shellofme")

Guitar lead and rhythm, lyrics and melody

Evansville WI USA


Billy LeCoq-Mauvais ("sriracha")

Mix and master

Swamp Yankee Pitcairn


Anton Klinkt ("antonklinkt")

Bass melody

Eindhoven brabant Netherlands


Andrea Spaziale ("AndreaSpace")


Casale Monferrato Alessandria Italy


Tommy Sherman ("TommySherman")

Vocals and lyric revisions

McAlester OK USA


Artist's Notes

Original melody by Chad with collaborations from Kompoz members Anton, Andrea, Tommy and Billy. Thanks for your amazing talents!


"Terribly Attractive"

Don't waste your fears in dark places
All your secrets.....       have been exposed

Ivory claws gripping my chest
How have I become the one to fight all the best
Will you grant us our wish do you know who we are
I've fought a million battles but, I'm never the star

You can't disease all our dreams
You can't silence all our screams

And don't waste your years in small places
Suffocated when you needed to grow

Just like a candle pushes back the black
Far enough for me to see
The moon drags it up the beach
And further grows out of reach

Today is a new day
I wanna ride the first wave in
Up the shores to a new life
Feel the rocks beneath my skin

What keeps you safe at night
Is it the promise of light

Maybe its the god you prey to
By the side of your bed

You never thought that you could use these ways

You never thought that 
You could use these memories

And don't waste your tears on cute faces
Cuz faces change
When places stay the same

As I watch red blood run down your chest
I watch you fall limp like the rest
The others tried to fence me in
They built brick walls to hide the sin

Tic Toc time

You tried to confine me

Tic Toc time

But you failed to divide me


I'm a shadow of my history
A blister on my enemy
I see you trying to climb these muddy walls
I've got the same mud under my claws

We speak of honor

Respect and trust

But always play the game until we bust

Full throttle to the red line

Until they lay me down in white chalk lines



Collaborating From

Casale Monferrato Alessandria Italy
Eindhoven brabant Netherlands
Evansville WI USA
McAlester OK USA
Swamp Yankee Pitcairn