Genre: Indie
BPM: 110
Released: March 2015
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Sound Recording


Bryan Williamson ("BKWilliamson")

Lyrics by: BK Williamson

Frankfort KY USA


James Fraser ("offthewall")

Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Mixing by: James Fraser

South Shields near Newcastle Tyneside United Kingdom


Artist's Notes

Copyright 3/23/2015 All Rights Reserved

Lyrics by: BK Williamson

Melody Creation, Vocals and All Instruments and Mixing by: James Fraser



by: BK Williamson 1/6/2015

Alexandra lives in a boathouse on the river... near the sea

She laughs and sings all night wish I was with her... in her dreams

She floats on the moonlight

and waits there for me~~~~~~

She smiles like a Cheshire

Disappears on the breeze~~~~~~~

Alexandra keeps her tears drops in a teapot... upon a shelf

and no one hears her cry out in the midnight... all by herself

She falls like a raindrop

and washes over me~~~~~~~

I catch her in the sunlight

reflecting on the trees~~~~~~~


My love is lost in the forest of her mind

I wait for her in a fevered blind

Dream of the day when love will shine

Caught up in a never ending labyrinth

marking time

Alexandra holds the meaning of existence... in her eyes

One look and you will know what you are missing... in your life

She's bathed in the starlight

rejoice in the day~~~~~~~

Time has no meaning

The moment's here to stay~~~~~~~

Chorus: =======

Collaborating From

Frankfort KY USA
South Shields near Newcastle Tyneside United Kingdom