Genre: Blues
Released: March 2015
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Sound Recording


Peter Zero ("Mr_Sinister")

Bass, Guitar, Mix

Scotland United Kingdom


Nigel Robinson ("Gemini")

Drums, Hammond B3

Scotland United Kingdom


Michael Wilferd ("mwilferd1")

Lyrics, Vocals

Los Angeles California USA


Artist's Notes

Fate permits this last song in a series of ten -


Sitting here watching the black river run

Filled with pollution the world is coming undone

I think back when the skies were blue

The water clean and clear


Remembering the times of you and I

So long ago, so many tears

When you were still here


Cry me a river that leads to the sea

Open your eyes and look at me

Read the sadness on my face

The good times gone without a trace

Hear my desperate cries

Look into this old man's eyes

Feel the pain and desolation


Watching the black river run

Tears streaming down my face

There is no future, no hiding place

Watching the black river run

The black river run

Watching the black river run

The black river run


Collaborating From

Los Angeles California USA
Scotland United Kingdom