Genre: Pop-Folk
BPM: 93
Released: March 2015
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Dirty Rotten Days

Sound Recording


Michael Wilferd ("mwilferd1")

Original Concept, Lyrics, Lead Vocals, Arrangement

Los Angeles California USA


Nigel Robinson ("Gemini")

Drum, Mix, Master

Scotland United Kingdom


Peter Zero ("Mr_Sinister")

Lead Guitar, Bass

Scotland United Kingdom


Artist's Notes

Just one of those days!


Dirty Rotten Days   Lyrics by: Michael Brent Wilferd


Woke up this morning, turned on the radio

Didn?t hear the song I wanted to hear

Went to get some coffee but the pot was dry

Wife nagging in my ear

Turned on the water to take a shower

But it was cold as ice

Stepped out of the stall and took a fall

Cutting my eye

Dirty rotten day

But I have to live it

Can?t seem to give it away

Dirty rotten days are all I seem to have

That?s just the price I pay

Dirty rotten days, oh yea


Jumped into the car to go to work

The tire was flat

Opened the trunk and searched all around

Could not find the jack

Dirty rotten days

They can bring you down

Dirty rotten days

Coming back around

Dirty rotten days (4)


These dirty rotten days happen all the time

It?s really hard to stand it

I?m about to lose my mind

I am always thinking, my lucks about to change

When I read my Horoscope it always reads the same







Went back into the house, to call for a ride

When I picked up the phone, the line had died

It seems everything I do is meant to fail

I?m living in my own private hell

Dirty rotten days, coming back around

The might be the end of me, put me in the ground

Dirty rotten days, someday it?s got to change

When I read my Horoscope, it always reads the same

Dirty rotten days

Dirty rotten days

Just can?t get away

From dirty rotten days

Collaborating From

Los Angeles California USA
Scotland United Kingdom