Genre: Pop-Folk
BPM: 150
Released: January 2015
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Alt-Folk Depression Era Folk

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Work Work

Sound Recording


Bryan Williamson ("BKWilliamson")


Frankfort KY USA


James Fraser ("offthewall")

Original Melody, Guitars, Mixing, Vocals

South Shields near Newcastle Tyneside United Kingdom


Larry Magee ("larrymagee")

Fiddle, Piano, Mando, Mastering

San Antonio TX USA


Pierre Foisy ("Mysthral")

Bass Guitar

Montreal Quebec Canada


Artist's Notes

(c) 2014  All Rights Reserved

Lyrics:  B. K. Williamson

Original Melody, Vocals, Guitars, Mixing:  James Fraser

Bass Guitar:  Pierre Foisy

Fiddle, Piano, Mandolin, Mastering:  Larry Magee 


Work Work

by: BK Williamson © 12/10/14


Tired of goin' to bed hungry

an' sleepin' in his clothes

A dirty work camp Monday

but the work it comes so slow

And some people said it's gonna get better

Gotta be a change some day

All the people said move with the weather

until we find a better way


The day he left the mountain

Nobody had a lot to say

His step daddy said he ate too much

sent the boy on his way

And the people he found on the road

just doin' the best they could

And all the people were on their own

so everybody understood



Work, work

we all wanna work

We all do what we must

Work, work

there ain't no work

The prairie has turned to dust

Work, work

we all wanna work

We still pray and give thanks

Work, work

there ain't no work

Ain't no money left in the banks


Life on the road ain't easy

an' the boy soon became a man

He lied about his age to the army

so he could live with his Uncle Sam

So all the men marched off together

through a land far across the sea

I'm so proud to know that my father


paved the road for me                                     

Collaborating From

Frankfort KY USA
Montreal Quebec Canada
San Antonio TX USA
South Shields near Newcastle Tyneside United Kingdom