Genre: Classic Rock
Released: January 2015
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Mask For Sale

Sound Recording


Walter Paul Owen ("WalterPaulOwen")

Creator, Rhythm, Lead Guitar

Chicago Illinois USA


Mark Alan Dooley ("MarkAlanDooley")

Vocals, Bass, Engineering

Monroe LA USA


Joel Sattler ("joel_sattlersongs")


Chevy Chase Maryland USA


Artist's Notes

Mask is guitar for sale


MASK FOR SALE song lyrics by Joel Sattler hey hey ho ho hey hey ho ho I got mask up for sale try to keep me out of jail some are magic tell a tale won't you buy my mask for sale carved from old mahoghany what you get is what you see my grandfather taught me how either this or push a plow and he learned from his grandpa a thousand years back over all I got mask just for you some are tourist some are true be a demon be a saint make believe what you aint some will do what they can do what they do is up to you the spirits like to come and dance this is how we give them chance and if they choose to linger on you can keep them when they're gone you can wear them give you balls you can hang them on the walls some will do what they can do what they do is up to you hey hey ho ho hey hey ho ho


Collaborating From

Chevy Chase Maryland USA
Chicago Illinois USA
Monroe LA USA