Genre: Alternative
Released: January 2015
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Still In The Wind

Sound Recording


Bryan Williamson ("BKWilliamson")


Frankfort KY USA


Ken Ferretti ("kenzoK")

Keyboards Synth / Strings

italy italy Italy


James Fraser ("offthewall")

Mixing, Guitars, Base and Vocals

South Shields near Newcastle Tyneside United Kingdom


steven myatt ("stmyatt")

Original Melody

burlington ia USA


Artist's Notes

Still In The Wind (c) 2014
Lyrics: Bk Williamson
Original Melody: Steven Myatt
Guitars. Base, Mixing: James Fraser
Keyboards / Synth-Strings: Ken Ferretti


Still in the Wind

by: BK Williamson 7/27/2013

I moved in the darkness

through those barroom doors

to sit with my neon filled soul

Right past the angel

who?s whispering the score

Dancing with shadows so cold

I looked through the amber

to the bottom of my glass

reflecting so empty and warm

Away from the winter

that dwells in my past

A temporary rest from the storm


Well I?m still in the wind

on that highway so high

Don?t know if I?ll ever touch down

An? if I had a friend I?d say

friend don?t you cry

I?m just livin? the dream that I found

Still in the wind

I climbed me a mountain

looked out on the world

higher than I?d ever been

Pouring my heart into

the smile of a girl

while throwing my cares to the wind

I crawled through that city

on the edge of the sky

where the forest turns into concrete

I dreamed I saw God

looked him right in the eye

and kissed him? right on the cheek


If God's only dreaming someone wake him

An? shake off the nightmare in his head

Let us all disappear in the blink of an eye

It just may be a better thing instead...

And start it all over once again

Collaborating From

Frankfort KY USA
South Shields near Newcastle Tyneside United Kingdom
burlington ia USA
italy italy Italy