Genre: Classic Rock
Released: December 2014
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dancing music pop pop rock red red shoes shoes shotgun soundtrack tv

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Red Shoes On

Sound Recording


Walter Paul Owen ("WalterPaulOwen")

Creator, Guitar

Chicago Illinois USA


Mark Alan Dooley ("MarkAlanDooley")

Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Engineering

Monroe LA USA


Joel Sattler ("joel_sattlersongs")


Chevy Chase Maryland USA


Artist's Notes

Upbeat knock your socks off song.


PUT YOUR RED SHOES ON song lyrics by Joel Sattler I gotta get out gotta clear my head aint no use working til the day you're dead hit the ground on a shotgun run come on baby gonna have some fun and when we're gone we're really gone so baby put your red shoes on I know you got them there under the bed I dream about them they're a wizard red if they had wings then they could make you fly if they had horns then you would wonder why baby you got it so flaunt it baby put your red shoes on there aint no use pretending that you're sad I know you baby can be bad bad bad but bad is good at least that's what I see and anyway it's okay with me we'll dance all night oh baby scream and shout and in the dawn they'll have to throw us out but until then we're gonna rock and roll we're gonna shake this world out of all control burning brighter than the sun so baby put your red shoes on


Collaborating From

Chevy Chase Maryland USA
Chicago Illinois USA
Monroe LA USA