Genre: Rock
BPM: 150
Released: November 2014
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Girls Rock

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Sound Recording


Michael Wilferd ("mwilferd1")

Original Concept, Lyrics, Vocals

Los Angeles California USA


Airy Connection ("AiryConnection")

Arrangement, Mix, Master, Producer

Riga Latvia


Artist's Notes

This ones about a girl rocker who happens to be very Tender!


Tender   Lyrics by: Michael Brent Wilferd


So fine to be with you

Watching all the crazy things you do

Rocking out with your hair dyed blue

You?re so tender

When I see you on the stage

It really takes my breath away

I get excited when you move that way

You?re so tender

The kind of girl that I wish I had

You act innocent while being bad

Having the crowd in the palm of your hand

You?re so tender

I think about you every day

You?re so tender


Always need you late at night

I?ll take my time and do it right

You?ll be mine by the morning light

You?re so tender

It?s time to tell you about my love

I?ve been praying to the stars above

Loving you is like a velvet glove

You?re so tender

Counting the hours until I see you again

I need a little more my friend

Going to love you till the very end

You?re so tender

Collaborating From

Los Angeles California USA
Riga Latvia