Genre: Rock
Released: October 2014
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Magical Getaway

Sound Recording


Michael Wilferd ("mwilferd1")

Lyrics, Vocals

Los Angeles California USA


Nigel Robinson ("Gemini")

Drums, B3, Mix, Master

Scotland United Kingdom


Peter Zero ("Mr_Sinister")

pBass, Lead Guitar

Scotland United Kingdom


Jamie Conklin ("Moosemind1")

Original Music, Rhythm Guitar

Lisbon Falls Maine USA



Magical Getaway   Lyrics by: Michael Brent Wilferd


Grab your stuff, we leave today

On a magical getaway

Take to the sky, we?re gone

Lift us up on the wings of a song

Take me back where freedom rings

To the land where the eagle sings

We could live on those snowcapped peaks

It?s not wealth, only answers we seek


We need to know


Open your heart, feel the light

Keep us safe another night

Staying together for the truth we seek

When there?s love nobody needs to speak

I can feel you in my soul

Hold on forever never letting go

We are two but stand as one

Living in the warmth of the sun


It?s getting warmer everyday

It?s getting better way

Ah Yea! Got to get away


Don?t want to take you to the Promised Land

I love you baby but I?m just a man

I?m just hoping you understand

We?ve gotta get away


We need to get away



So excited, words can?t say

Looking forward to a special day

A time to laugh, a time to play

We?ve got to get away


We?ve got to get away

We?ve gotta get away

We need to leave today


I need a Holiday

We?ve gotta get away

Collaborating From

Lisbon Falls Maine USA
Los Angeles California USA
Scotland United Kingdom