Genre: Folk
BPM: 90
Released: September 2014
URL: /

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Lovers Tears

Sound Recording


Peter Rand ("peterrand")

Wonderful lyrics

Wirral Merseyside United Kingdom


James Fraser ("offthewall")

Acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, bouzouki, vocal, composition.

South Shields near Newcastle Tyneside United Kingdom


Rich Gouette ("celticpiping")

Penny whistle

Auburn Maine USA


Artist's Notes

Peter graciously allowed me to spin this off as another version was being put together by other musicians.


Lover's Tears 


I'll drive a thousand rivets home

Forge a thousand tons of steel

I'll mine a thousand seams of coal

Just to hide the pain I feel


I walk up to the gate

that takes so much

for so little in return

I stand among the crowd

Head in my hands

I call your name


You watched me as I walked away

You waited five long years

The salty taste upon your tongue

The sting of lover's tears


Take Me Home

To a world without machines

Are you there?

And is the grass still green?


I walk along the path

that leads me back

to the land I left behind

You stand at the door

Arms open wide

You call my name


I put my arms around my love

As the morning songs ring clear

I wake to find the dream has gone


And cry bitter lover's tears

Collaborating From

Auburn Maine USA
South Shields near Newcastle Tyneside United Kingdom
Wirral Merseyside United Kingdom