Genre: Metal
Released: September 2014
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death metal doom metal

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Atomic Plague

Sound Recording


CJ Krecsy ("Dabbler16")

Guitar-Lead, Guitar-Rhythm, Vocals, Keyboards, Drums, Lyrics

Greater Vancouver BC Canada


Fab - ("NoisyLingus")


New Caledonia


Artist's Notes

I wrote this song shortly after the Tsunami that hit the coast of Japan after the massive 8.9 magnitude Earthquake struck just off the coast.  Watching the news feeds and seeing the devastation, then the ensuing radiation leakage from the nuke plants at Fukushima....I felt as though the Devil had to be laughing his ass off at the only now obvious stupidity that would have us (humans in general) playing with nuclear energy and risking it all so close to the shore where it would be even more at risk of catastrophic events...

As a mostly solo artist, I struggled with completing the song in a time frame and manner that would give it a worthy presentation for others to hear, and Kompose offered the opportunity to seek out some help.  Fabien C (NoisyLingus) graciously provided a Bass track that was a perfect fit for what I was looking for but couldn't produce myself. 

Ultimately I would like to have had a much better drummer than myself lay down the beats, but settled for what worked and with what I had.


The Earth violently quakes from the core...

and the sea rising sudden, heading for shore,

this coast line city is buried in rubble and waves.

Only those on high ground are saved...

tiny island nations power plant is too close to shore...

the cooling systems failed in reactors 2, 3, and 4.

The explosions release gas clouds in the air...

a radioactive, black rain, poison sky for all to share!


Desperate attempts by Men to douse the fires..

..wasted efforts, Atomic Plague's released in the sky.

no time to waste, pray now! and don't ask why...

an act of God? but ends, because 'they' couldn't leave the world alone!


Floodwaters recede, leaving nothing but debris,

bodies, remains, spreading further disease.

For those who survive and as fate would decide...

the challenge remains with the seed in the sky...

Atomic Plague spreads with the wind overseas..

silent death comes just for you and for me..

slowly but steady we'll all feel the 'blast',

bodies malformed and twisted?  

a legacy to last!



Collaborating From

Greater Vancouver BC Canada
New Caledonia