Genre: Rock
BPM: 132
Released: August 2014
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The Reckoning

Sound Recording


Billy LeCoq-Mauvais ("sriracha")

Guitar, Keys, Arrangement , MIx, Master, Production.

Swamp Yankee Pitcairn


mike patterson ("Wire-and-Wood")

Vocals, Lyrics

Portland Or USA


Nelson Araujo ("Wolf-Sinmons")





The Reckoning:


Of course we knew 

that the reckoning was coming soon

Yet we didn't prepare

It's easy to see

the prophecy becoming true

and yet we acted as if without a care


I thought I'd stay for the show

but better make it to-go

What's the difference cause there's no escaping

Now almost reluctantly

The reaper comes out to play

A little slip of the tongue

A bet I thought we had won

Called my bluff and the joke backfired

Now almost reluctantly

The reaper's coming for me


The ground beginning to swell...

The sky is starting to fall

It isn't looking good but still not over

A cat is teasing it's prey

The reaper's coming for me

There's really no one to blame

It's bearing down all the same

The seas withdrawing and the earth torn open

Those plans that we never made

would come in handy today...


Seems so evident...

So obvious, apparent

The hand that we're playing

It's got little chance now

I see in hindsight

Answers laid in plain sight

The Reckoning

Result of our failure to see


This feels a little deserved

Can barely stand on the earth

Wind is howling and the ground keeps shaking

and then a beam from above

It's spilling down over me...

It's like a heavenly light!

Scooped me up from sure demise

It isn't God 

Man, it's a goddamn starship

It's pulling me to safety

I guess you never concede!


The Reckoning

Result of our complacency

Collaborating From

Portland Or USA
Swamp Yankee Pitcairn