Genre: Pop
Released: August 2014
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Sound Recording


Mark Alan Dooley ("MarkAlanDooley")


Monroe LA USA


Joel Sattler ("joel_sattlersongs")


Chevy Chase Maryland USA



when I look out in the night 

people passing in the street 

underneath the neon lights 

looking happy who they meet 


I remember when I was 

another dancer full of love 

but now I have nowhere to go 

I'm a shadow of a shadow 


A shadow of a shadow 

on a lost and lonely road 

a shadow of a shadow 

with no where else to go 


maybe all we are is ghosts 

and when we love we are but notes 

that are floating in the air 

looking for someone to care 


or maybe we're just leaves that blow 

down the alleyways below 

the gentle fragrance of a rose 

shadows of shadows 


there once was a time 

when I knew she was mine 

but what did I know 

shadows of shadows 


there once was a day 

when I still knew my way 

but now I'm lost and alone 

a shadow among shadows

Collaborating From

Chevy Chase Maryland USA
Monroe LA USA