Genre: Metal
BPM: 105
Released: July 2014
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Million Years (With You)

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Sound Recording


Manuel Gonzalez ("Svolnir")

Guitars, Orchestra, Synth, Mixing.

Los Realejos Santa Cruz de Tenerife Spain


mike patterson ("Wire-and-Wood")

Vocals and Lyrics.

Portland Or USA


Phil Simmons ("Sapro")


Orlando FL USA


Fab - ("NoisyLingus")


New Caledonia


Artist's Notes

Watch the lyric video of the song.

Million Years (with You)

Pull back the veil cause I want to discover

Skies gone black, there's a storm blowing over

I don't know what I wanted to see here

Yet I'll press on in hopes it becomes clear


We've been through this, over and over

Light burning bright like a supernova

I know this... it feels somehow

It's been going on for a million years now

We'll be together beyond forever

A million years with you


Here comes the rains

Stormclouds will crawl

Over our dreams

Laying waste to it all

As everything does

This too shall pass

Another million years

Are lost to the past


Peel back the sky and see all that lies behind

It's a mirage, the boundries of our mind

Someday I know that this journey will end

For now, pressing on to see around the next bend


Thanks for hearing or watching ;)


Collaborating From

Los Realejos Santa Cruz de Tenerife Spain
New Caledonia
Orlando FL USA
Portland Or USA