Genre: Country
Released: July 2014
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Sound Recording


Debbie Strange ("debbiestrange")

Lyrics, composition, vocals

Cave City Kentucky USA


mika greiner ("fresh727")

Mika and his golden voice is the other half of the duet. Such a beautiful mix of our voices.

Newport Beach CA USA


James Fraser ("offthewall")

The best of the best! Guitar, bass, mandolin, engineering/mixing.

South Shields near Newcastle Tyneside United Kingdom


Andrew Boucher ("AndrewB")

Andrew added his touch of magic with drums and made this piece come together so perfectly.

Oil City PA USA


Rich Gouette ("celticpiping")

Such an amazing addition to this song; Rich added Woodwind-Tin/Penny Whistle

Auburn Maine USA


Artist's Notes

I never expected to find perfect love...the day you walked into my life.


I didn't expect to see all of my future...the first time I looked in your your eyes.



I never expected the world to stand still...the first time that you kissed my lips.


I didn't expect to be the touch of your fingertips....fingertips.


Yesterday I was just a young boy...with no purpose or reason, or plan.


Yesterday I was a girl with big dreams...I held in the palm of my my hand.


Today I'm the man who will promise forever...and to help you to find all your dreams.


Today I'm the woman whose dreams have come're sharing your name with me....with me.



Through good times and bad times and times in between, with every step that we take.

Our love is defined through the eyes of our child and the perfect smile on her face.

We don't have a lot but a lot that we have is all that we ever will need.

I'll love you tomorrow; more than I give to you all of me....all of me.


Chorus again


I never expected to find perfect love...the day you walked into my life....into my life.

Collaborating From

Auburn Maine USA
Cave City Kentucky USA
Newport Beach CA USA
Oil City PA USA
South Shields near Newcastle Tyneside United Kingdom