Genre: Metal
BPM: 155
Released: March 2014
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Fortunate Souls

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Sound Recording


Zach V. ("ILike2RockHard")

Electric Guitar and Mixing

Merced California USA


mike patterson ("Wire-and-Wood")

Vocals and Lyrics

Portland Or USA


Fab - ("NoisyLingus")

Bass Guitar and Mastering

New Caledonia


Artist's Notes

I felt a little like a fortunate soul on the last time

Pushing luck and I pushed myself across the red line

It doesn't seem like it could always be coming up roses

But here we go still pushing all the same

We are the fortunate souls


Took a turn where I was tumbling down the mountainside

Somehow by either fate or luck, I was spared the ride

Fortunate Souls!


I never knew that things could be this way...Sometimes it's easy

I'm not the one to say who's wrong or right

I'm fortunate for this breath, and for all that come after

Try to grow from the pain, but still embrace the laughter

It isn't worth turning cold in some effort to shelter

I'm a fortunate soul

Yes, I'm a fortunate soul!

Collaborating From

Merced California USA
New Caledonia
Portland Or USA