Genre: Rock
BPM: 120
Released: January 2014
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Rhapsody 109

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Sound Recording


Danny Milligan ("dannyraymilligan")


Alamogordo NM USA


Fab - ("NoisyLingus")

Bass Guitar

New Caledonia


Artist's Notes

A birthday for a dear friend of 8 years. Rhapsody is defined as follows: World English Dictionary
rhapsody ('rępsede)

— n , pl -dies
1. music a composition free in structure and highly emotional in character
2. an expression of ecstatic enthusiasm
3. (in ancient Greece) an epic poem or part of an epic recited by a rhapsodist
4. a literary work composed in an intense or exalted style
5. rapturous delight or ecstasy
6. obsolete a medley

[C16: via Latin from Greek rhapsoidia , from rhaptein to sew together + oide song]

I thought that pretty much defined this piece, and the 109 is her birthday, January 9th....

Collaborating From

Alamogordo NM USA
New Caledonia