Genre: Rock
Released: October 2013
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Night Train

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Sound Recording


Jamie Conklin ("Moosemind1")

Original music, rhythm guitar, backup vocal

Lisbon Falls Maine USA


don buck ("dbuck")

Lead guitar

fwb fl USA


Nigel Robinson ("Gemini")

Drums, backup vocal, Mixing and mastering

Scotland United Kingdom


Peter Zero ("Mr_Sinister")

Bass guitar, second lead guitar

Scotland United Kingdom


Michael Wilferd ("mwilferd1")

Original concept, lyrics,lead vocal

Los Angeles California USA


Artist's Notes

Night Train Lyrics by: Michael Brent Wilferd

Night Train rolling
Heading down the track
Night Train running
Babyís never coming back
She spent my money
She stole my Cadillac

Bad dog howling
Baying ass at the moon
Bad boy sneaking
Heading straight for your room
Beeís love honey
Baby let me in your hive

I know you have it in you
A kinship with the night
Hold the blue rose
Burning ember bright
Throughout the night

A think of passion
This virgin sight
Time to make my midnight flight

Thatís right, on the run again, yea

Stop waiting woman canít you see?
The Night Trains coming
And itís coming for you and me
A splendid mystery

Hear the wheels burning up the track
Weíll leave together and never look back
Ah yea, Night trains coming
Ride Baby ride

Sheís leaving tonight, all aboard!

I hear the whistle blowing
And soon weíll both be going
Itís just the art of knowing
Thereís something special growing
Oh baby yea!
Hear the engine growl
As we blow on down the line

Night Trains coming lady
Just in time to save me
Iíve got my ticket
Itís time to get in line
Night Trains right on time

Yea letís ride it baby
Ride the Night Train
Letís move it on down the rails

Collaborating From

Lisbon Falls Maine USA
Los Angeles California USA
Scotland United Kingdom
fwb fl USA