Genre: Country
BPM: 75
Released: September 2013
URL: /

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Sound Recording


Debbie Hughes ("CowgirlDeb64")

Lyrics, Vocals

Claremont CA USA


Larry Kendrick ("KingLarry")

All Instruments, Arrangement of Instruments, Mixing

Williamson GA USA


Artist's Notes

My Mom passed away in July 2012 so as a result this song was written.

My Mom must have had a hand in it at getting Larry Kendrick and I connected, as Larry was able to capture that heart felt love and apply his creativity and astonishing talents with the loving outcome of this song.

A BIG Thank you to Larry and KOMPOZ for making this song possible. Without this awesome site and the ability of connecting other artists across the world our paths would have never crossed and this song would just be another well written poem on paper. I am very grateful.

Thank you!

Collaborating From

Claremont CA USA
Williamson GA USA