Genre: Rock
BPM: 120
Released: August 2013
URL: /

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Sound Recording


JP Adams ("JP")

Song writing, lyrics, keyboards

New York NY USA


Dani A ("RAVEN")

Lead vocals, backup vocals

Brooklyn NY USA


Jeff Brownlee ("JBMonarch")

Electric guitar

Lansing MI USA


Artist's Notes

I don't know
Where I'm to go
You don't feel
The way I do

If you only had the sense
If you’d only see the truth
We could make the memories last
For a life I know we could
But every time I reach for you
You seem to turn from me
You turn from me

Everything we could have had (could never be the same now)
Everything we could have known (whoa - oh)
Everything we could have been is fading from our grasp
But you, you don't seem to know we’re one

Every time I hold your hand (could never be the same now)
Every time I feel your touch (whoa - oh)
Every time our hearts are joined together
There’s no doubt that we
We were meant to be in love
Oh, in love.

So you’ll go
While I lie low
I will plead for you
Please stay
Oh no, I can’t walk away

‘Cause I know that you're my love
Stand beside you come what may
And I know your heart is mine
So please don’t turn away
Don’t turn away

Everything you think you have (could never be the same now)
Everything you think you know (whoa – oh)
Everything that's passing through your hands
I know it’s just a phase
Cause you were meant to be with me

Every time you think of us (could never be the same now)
Every time that love feels cold (whoa – oh)
Every time we're distant from each other
Let your heart know
You're complete when you’re with me
Ooo, with me

Collaborating From

Brooklyn NY USA
Lansing MI USA
New York NY USA