Genre: Rock
BPM: 120
Released: August 2013
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Turn on the Radio - By JokerBeatProduction and Johnny Watermelon

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Sound Recording


JokerBeatz Productions & JC Records ("JokerBeatzProductions")

JokerBeatProduction Has Created The Core Beat.



mika greiner ("fresh727")

fresh727 Introduces The Song

Newport Beach CA USA


Justice Richards ("RealJustice")

RealJustice Is Performing The Song.

Melbourne VIC Australia


Johnny Watermelon ("JohnnyWatermelon")

JohnnyWatermelon Has Remixed The Beat.

Las Vegas Nevada USA


Artist's Notes

Verse 1:

I'm breaking my neck at breakneck speed, trying to exercise these demons inside me. Sometimes my past haunts me, If I didn't have radio I wouldn't be me, I wouldn't even know how to be free.
When I was a kid I sat in my room with my headphones on, I let the radio mold me and shape me. Why? I only had one friend in my life, the rest of the kids would beat me and tease me, that's why I'm hiding baby.

Verse 2:

Music was an escape from a life full of pain, but I could't let desperation get the best of me. I escaped from the masses determined to phase and enslave me. I moved from one town to the next, I was the new kid everywhere I went. I had the biggest boom box you'd even seen and a pocket full of mix tapes to keep me company. The louder I pushed the levels the better I felt, I could drown out all that shit around me and become a better man, an army of me.

Verse 3:

If it wasn't for Boyz II Men, I wouldn't know who to love a women. If it wasn't for NWA I wouldn't know how to fuck the police, and if it wasn't for Snoop my friends wouldn't know how to smoke Philly Blunts.
That's what you gave me radio, an escape, a way to move away from all the darkness and pain that's inside me. I'll never forget you, I'll never lose my love for you. Now I've got the Joker & Clown on my back keeping my heart strong and my head intact. Breakin' it up one by one, hoping I can save your life with more more song.

Collaborating From

Las Vegas Nevada USA
Melbourne VIC Australia
Newport Beach CA USA