Genre: R&B
BPM: 98
Released: November 2012
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Finally Never

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Sound Recording


Peter Guyenette ("Captainzero")

Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar

Singleton Heights NSW Australia


UnderGunned Productions ("UnderGunnedProductions")

Lead Guitar

In the Bush British Columbia Canada


Ian Pellow ("Fretlessian1")

Bass, Backing Vocals

Fort William Highlands Scotland Ancient Kingdom Dalriada United Kingdom


The Astronut ("Astronut")




Artist's Notes

You say finally .. yeah you say finally
finally when??
you shout finally.. you scream finally
and i say .. what!?
... is that you keep on sayin
Whats this game you keep on playin
I don't even want to know
all the claims that you have made
all your debts they go unpaid
Your sneaky smile is just for show
still you say finally...
and i say finally .. finally NEVER!!

What kind of person
lives their life on pure deception
telling me you're this and that
nothing you say is based on fact
just get real!!

Finally I caught you out
I know what you're all about
It's so plain for me to see
But still you keep up your charade
from what kind of crap were you made?
There's no hope for you and me

Then you say you need my help
I'm sorry but you can go to hell
I'm not gonna let you shit on me
Still you keep on spreading lies
You are a person i despise
I don't want that to rub off on me

There was a time when i'd call you friend
But now i'm this the total end
I'm breaking the chains and setting myself free
Still you say finally... you say finally
finally what???
and I say finally... yeah i say finally
Finally NEVER!!

Collaborating From

Fort William Highlands Scotland Ancient Kingdom Dalriada United Kingdom
In the Bush British Columbia Canada
Singleton Heights NSW Australia