Genre: Easy Listening
BPM: 70
Released: November 2011
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Where Are We Now

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Sound Recording


Lee Sharp ("leesharp")

Music, drums, keyboard (strings, piano, bass, vst guitar) arrangement, final mix.

United Kingdom


Joe Murphy ("Scouser")

Subtle and beautiful steel string acoustic guitar

Isle Of Wight United Kingdom


ronggowisnu prihadi ("RONGGOWISNU")

Heart warming and amazing nylon string acoustic guitar. Electric guitar with a lead to die for.

Tangerang Selatan Banten Indonesia


Jim Cavanaugh ("JimCavanaugh")

Mastering and just perfect icing on the cake that brought it all to life.

Cicero NY USA


Steph Borel ("stephborel")

Amazing lyrics and vocals.

Phoenix AZ USA


Artist's Notes

Where Are We Now - Lyrics by Steph Borel

I've given everything
just to lose it all..again
.and again

where are we now....
were like -
a roller coaster goin-
up and downnnn....

along this road that i?ve known..
2 days away from heart ache
3 days away from you go

but where ARE we now.
is there a chance for romance
or was it lost in the crowd

i need to know how ....
it goes on -....... after it's gone so wrong

but what is love if this isn't it
what is the pain for..
was there- something i missed....
but what is love if it isn't real...
i got fooled into a fairy tale

i've given everything
just to lose it all..again

where are we now....
we're like -
10 times the fools on a
non-stop merry go round

against this light i can't see..
so i made up your love
it was all my fantasy

where are we now
i've given you everything
just to be shot down
Just to be.. shut down

Lead Break

Tale .......

I got fooled by a fairy tale
I got fooled by a fairy tale

Where are we now
It's like a roller coaster
Goin up and down
Down this road that I know
2 Days a week from heartache
I gotta go

Collaborating From

Cicero NY USA
Isle Of Wight United Kingdom
Phoenix AZ USA
Tangerang Selatan Banten Indonesia
United Kingdom