Genre: Rock
BPM: 127
Released: November 2009
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Left Right Left

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Sound Recording


Ruby Dorsman ("rubyredharez")

Composition, electric guitars and mixing

Haarlem Noord Holland Netherlands


Harry williams ("Spider")


Newcastle upon Tyne Tyne and Wear United Kingdom


Alonzo Villarreal ("AlonzoVdrums")

Drums: rototom, octoban, bass and snare drum

Maricopa AZ USA


Kevin Gater ("endomeso")

Bass, keyboard and mastering

Sundsvall Sweden


Frank Motor ("motor")

Electric bass

Amsterdam Netherlands


Xteve X ("Xteve")

Rap vocals

Seattle WA USA


Artist's Notes

Xteve X the man with the plan I stand and demand
You can?t understand what I am because your life?s a scam
Attend and demonstrate attention
I?m swingin' the heartache dimension
But the bleed protects its own so begone
You aren?t smart enough to engage the enemy, While you?re lacking in sincerity
they got plenty
Sour grapes perhaps but better forewarned and forearmed than
Broke and harmed twice it?s not so nice
Buy the ticket and pay the price
Jammin' as fast as I can, the vocal telegram
used and abused by you I refuse to lose
Stick and move keep the groovin' intact to impact, that's the fact

"Round about midnight, kickin' the soundbite
Flowin' and rollin' I'm the lyrical dynamite
Tight, not trite aiight? I take flight
Raisin' hell just like a Cenobite
Ruby Red boomin' out your speakers and ampin'
Buggin' ya nutz like the PMS crampin'
Put your hand on the man, cuz it's grand
Bass is pumpin',
I rock the party and
Soarin' and scorin' I implore ya out the door
This is what you been waitin' for
I got more sweets than the candy store
get up get up get your butt onto the dancefloor
stackin' wax makin' tracks step back, learn a lesson
class is in session
Shakin' ya faith when I'm rippin' a phrase
Bring the beat back like in the good ol' days"

Collaborating From

Amsterdam Netherlands
Haarlem Noord Holland Netherlands
Maricopa AZ USA
Newcastle upon Tyne Tyne and Wear United Kingdom
Seattle WA USA
Sundsvall Sweden