Genre: Folk/Rock
BPM: 115
Released: June 2021
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BLM Black Lives Matter James Balwin Noah Racism Rainbow The Fire Next Time

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The Fire Next Time



Brent Godfrey ("whenthemusicsover")

Words and Music; Lyrics adapted from a James Baldwin essay

Gowen MI USA


Sound Recording


Brent Godfrey ("whenthemusicsover")

Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Mixing & Mastering

Gowen MI USA


James Fraser ("offthewall")

Bass and Electric Guitar

South Shields near Newcastle Tyneside United Kingdom


Alex Zulaika ("alyo")

Drums and Percussion

Donostia Gipuzkoa Spain


Kris Pride ("KrisPride")

Backing Vocals

Bay City MI USA


Artist's Notes

All the lines in the lyrics, except for one, were taken from the essay "Down at the Cross:  Letter from a Region of my Mind" by James Baldwin - in the public domain.



The Fire Next Time



Afraid of the evil within me Afraid of the evil without

Yelling up to heaven And heaven would not hear

God gave Noah the Rainbow sign If you live sinful lives

No more water The Fire Next Time

What will happen to all that Beauty


Verse 1:

People bond together according to a principle that has nothing to do with love

Seeking release from personal responsibility

You can have no future   No you can have no future

when you?re unwilling unwilling to accept the past




Verse 2:

Even if I should speak No one would believe me because they would know what I said was true

When we were taught to love everybody

It only applied to Those It only applied to Those

Who believed Who believed as we did




Verse 3:

We will sacrifice all the beauty of our lives In order to deny the fact of death

One day for each of us The sun will go down       For the last time

What will happen what will happen to all that beauty

What will happen What will happen to all that beauty

Collaborating From

Bay City MI USA
Donostia Gipuzkoa Spain
Gowen MI USA
South Shields near Newcastle Tyneside United Kingdom