Genre: Blues
Released: February 2021
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Garage Sale Blues



Douglas Fielder ("ASPIARH")

Songwriter - Lyrics - Composition

Prairie Village Kansas USA


Sound Recording


Chino ACE ("Polkadaddy")

Drums - Guitars - Bass - Dixieland Jazz

Jerusalem Israel


Douglas Fielder ("ASPIARH")


Prairie Village Kansas USA


Artist's Notes

Life is full of funny incidents, some real some "made up", this is pure fiction!
Written in September 2016 after a recent move to Kansas City, I was getting a lot of Blues and Jazz influences locally.
Woke up one morning and this just poured out. I had been hitting Garage Sales trying to decorate my new home.
The idea of finding an old Martin guitar cheap hit me and then the idea of breaking up with a girlfriend because I bought struck me as funny.
So the song began, the bullet hole struck me as appropriate for the breakup!
I was playing some local open mics looking for other musicians and some feedback so that went in.
As it evolved I realized it was more about not letting "the breakup blues" take over and keep you from moving forward.
PolkaDaddy is Chino Ace from Israel and his contribution musically is astounding, I asked for the Dixieland sound and he nailed it. Kudos Chino!


Garage Sale Blues ? Douglas W. Fielder
Musical Collaboration - Chino Ace

We broke up at a garage sale I was out of control
I bought an old guitar with a bullet hole
going all the way through, right where my heart would be
It was a D28 from 1953

I headed to a bar, I was feeling pretty low
I found an bag of weed and a gram of blow
In the guitar case, in a little sack
There was an open mic going on in the back

I listened for a bit and then I signed the sheet
Pulled out that old guitar, you know it sounded so sweet
I played some songs I knew, from 1932
Depression era music that was dark and blue

I got down off the stage and headed to the back
Stepped into the alley with my gunny sack
I rolled a joint and shared it with the others there
Pretty soon I really didn?t have a care

I headed down Main Street to the city park
The sun was going down and it was getting dark
They had the bandshell lit so I stop to strum
And then somebody joined me with an old snare drum

A player from the bar came with his standup bass
And people started dancing all over the place
We were rocking out, it was a magic zone
When I spotted a young lady who was all alone

I handed off the Martin, jumped down off the stage
I walked right up to her and started to engage her
In a conversation about the silvery Moon
It was a warm summer night in the middle of June

We danced and talked until the music quit
I grabbed that old guitar and we just split
She took me up to her place on that summer night
and by the time I left her I was feeling all right

This song started out as the Garage Sale Blues
But that old guitar it really changed my views
It helped to have a drink and some songs to play
It helped to meet somebody else that very same day?.

So if you ever breakup, don?t you despair
Just take a walk downtown and breath that city air
Where there?s a party going on or an open bar
And don?t forget to drag along your old guitar!

And if you?re feeling blue it?s just a state mind
Trust me there is someone out there you will find
Who is looking for someone just like you
You?ve been here before, so you know it?s true

Don?t let the blues take over and bring you down
There?s lots of things to do in this big old town
Just pick yourself up and put a smile on your face
And you?ll find friendly people all over the place

Just sing Garage Sale blues until you?re feeling fine
Cause if you?re feeling down it will relax your mind
You got to let the music just take control
You got to stop worrying bout that jelly roll

Ba da da dant dant da

Collaborating From

Jerusalem Israel
Prairie Village Kansas USA